Smart Monitoring & Management of Water Systems

Smart Monitoring & Management of Water Systems

WATERSIGN Patented Technology enables real-time monitoring and management of water usage of multiple users with a single sensor (water/pressure meter), at the main inlet.

Our uniqueness – The water itself is used as the medium to transfer the data, our technology, therefore, is simple and economical. No need for expensive radio transmission devices, making it an ideal solution for developing countries and areas with poor infrastructure.

The system detects leakages, bursts, blockages, water theft and unauthorized connections, points its location, and alerts the user immediately.

In addition, the system can analyze water consumption patterns and alerts in case of irregular behavior.

Targeting the main water users: water supply and irrigation, which accounts for over 80% of water consumption. In the USA alone water consumption costs over 240 Billion US$. Common wisdom is that 20% – 50% of water withdrawal is lost due to leakage, bursts, and theft. Watersign detection and alert technology can minimize the loss and save millions of dollars.

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One platform – Multiple Applications

  • Irrigation – Agriculture, Landscape, and Golf courses
  • Monitoring of water supply lines and district metering areas
  • Municipal pipelines, sub-metering, and smart homes
  • Industrial applications
  • Water Safety
  • Monitoring water use


Water Safety

Water Management